ecoBathtub & Surface Solutions is a reliable and eco-friendly Refinishing Company

ecoBathtub & Surface Solutions can renew the shine in your bathroom in an environmentally-friendly manner. Your bathtub, shower, sink, and even hot tub can look like new again! When hard water, harsh cleaners, heat, or wear and tear eventually damage surfaces – or if the surface was poorly refinished before – we can help!

ecoTub Solutions is a reliable and eco-friendly Bathtub Restoration Company

ecoTub Solutions is a reliable and eco-friendly Bathtub Restoration Company that offers professional bathtub refinishing

There is limited landfill space on the Hawaii islands, and waste from renovations or new construction fills valuable space. The smartest way to conserve environmental resources – and maintain the bathrooms of residences, hotels, motels, and area condos – is to refurbish what is already in place. Our methods of eco-friendly Bathtub Restoration keep bathtubs, fixtures, and sinks out of crowded landfills.

Our experts repair and restore worn, stained, or scratched surfaces on: Porcelain, Cast Iron, Fiberglass, Marble Surfaces, Ceramic Tile, Travertine, Granite, Stone, Grout, and Glass Shower Doors.

In the event that a bathtub is damaged, cracked, or severely worn – it cannot be resurfaced by our normal eco-friendly processes. A professional re-glazing is recommended. We also offer a low-VOC option for bathtub coating to clients who want to save their existing tub and fixtures.

ecoTub Solutions is the perfect choice for managers and owners of Apartments, Homes, Hotels, Motels, Condominiums, and Resorts. Have your investment cleaned and restored by a professional.

Whether it’s a minor bathtub restoration or tile repair – we guarantee all of our work. Our service area covers all of Hawaii and have professional crews ready to serve you!

Contact us today for your free eco-friendly restoration estimate in order to give your tub, sink, Jacuzzi, or shower a clean and bright appearance.

NO Spraying | NO Lingering Odors | NO Drips or Runs | NO Downtime | NO Call Backs

Residential or Commercial, we guarantee all of our work and offer a Lifetime Warranty on most services.

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