Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about eco-friendly bathtub refinishing. If you cannot find your answer here, please Contact us directly and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


What are your Business Hours?

Our normal Business Hours are 8am to 8pm, however; our working schedule is customized to the size and scope of each job we do. Every project is unique and we aim to work around our clients’ timelines and needs.

Why should I choose ecoTub Solutions?

You can count on ecoTub Solutions to refurbish your tub, shower, and sink without harmful chemicals, odors, or waste. All activities involved in producing new bathroom fixtures impact the environment adversely. With bathtub refinishing performed by ecoTub Solutions, carbon footprints for individuals, hotels, apartments and government agencies are drastically reduced.

For property managers and hotel owners, our services can be completed quickly and efficiently in order to have bathrooms ready for guests with little down time. Our goal is to complete each job within our client’s schedule as best as possible.

You can learn more by reading Why Choose Us? and Our Services page.

Will re-caulking around my bathroom fixtures and bathtub be completed?

Many bathtubs are grouted in and will not need re-caulking and fiberglass fixtures with built in surrounds often will not require re-caulking. When caulk is necessary, we use a premium mold resistant high gloss sealing caulk where needed. We will re-grout and seal gaps larger than 5/8 inch because applying only caulk within a gap that large can result in noticeable shrinkage within just a few months.

What are some things I should do in order to prepare for your services?

Typically, we only ask that pictures, linens, personal items, and curtains be removed from the area. A clear work space, electricity, and water are really all that is required. Further preparation is determined depending upon the services we will be performing.

Can ecoTub Solutions repair the chips, cracks, and scratches in my bathtub or shower enclosure?

Yes. Our skilled technicians will smooth or fill in any chips or other imperfections in your bathtub or other surface, making your damaged acrylic, porcelain, or fiberglass surface look new again.

How long will the process take and when can guests use the bathroom again?

ecoTub Solutions can restore your bathtubs, showers, and sinks to look and feel like new – with no harsh chemicals. We can also remove or restore the anti-slip patterns at the bottom of your bathtub. Our process can be completed and your bathroom ready to use right before your guests arrive. In fact, our whole process typically takes less than 4 hours. No waiting for anything to dry and no toxic fumes!

We can remove those stubborn stains that household cleaners cannot. We can also fix your broken tiles and restore your grout lines to look new again. Our environmentally safe process can also remove hard water stains and mineral deposits from bathtubs, glass shower doors, and fixtures.

If your tub has been coated and needs the old finish stripped off, a few hours will need to be added to our schedule.

If your tub cannot be restored naturally, we do offer a low-VOC option for bathtub coating.

Do you refurbish tubs that have been previously refinished?

Yes, a tub that has been refinished before can be refinished again. We will need to strip and clean the tub and any other fixtures to remove the old coating and residue.

If your tub cannot be restored naturally, we do offer a low-VOC option for bathtub coating.

What are some of the advantages to refinishing versus replacing?

The cost of refinishing a bathtub and tile area is considerably less expensive compared to a complete replacement. An average new bathtub and tile can cost about $3,500.00 to $5000.00. Replacing an entire bathtub, shower stall, liners, grout, and fixtures can cost up to 5 times as much as refinishing the existing fixtures.

Besides the great cost savings, ecoTub Solutions’ methods of cleaning and restoration keep large bathtubs, sinks, and fixtures out of the already overburdened landfills. It was estimated that in the U.S., the waste coming from construction and demolition debris account for 20% of all landfill waste; 43 % (58 million tons) of this total is from residential construction, demolition, and renovation projects. Disposal costs are high, resources are needlessly wasted and we are running out of landfill space.

What else can ecoTub Solutions do besides refinish and restore bathtubs and tile?

ecoTub Solutions expertly repairs and restores worn, stained, or scratched surfaces on: Bathtubs, Cast Iron, Porcelain, Sinks, Tub Showers, Shower Stalls, Fiberglass Enclosures, Glass Shower Doors, Fiberglass Shower Pans, Spas, Hot Tubs, Marble Surfaces, Bathroom Fixtures, Boat Decks, Boat Hulls, Jacuzzis, Pool Decks, Tile Walls & Floors, Granite, Stone, Travertine, Caulking, Tile, Grout, and Whirlpools

We can professionally remove unsightly, stained, and worn etching in tubs and showers. Our skilled crew members can then replace the non-slip surface to prevent slips and falls.

We are also experienced in professional tile installation and bathroom remodeling. We guide each customer through the process of budgeting, planning, choosing the right fixtures, and deciding on the right tile or stone for your ideal look. We offer a wide range of choices for bath tubs, shower enclosures, whirlpool tubs, plumbing fixtures, vanities, sinks, faucets, handles, tile, and toilets.

How should refinished bathtubs and surfaces be cleaned and maintained?

The benefits of a clean bathroom and other surfaces do affect your bottom line as a business or resort owner. Homeowners can also rest assured that a properly maintained tub and restroom sustains their property value. Once your tubs, sinks, showers, and other surfaces have been professionally cleaned by ecoTub Solutions, the surfaces are smooth, shiny, and clean. Restored tile, glass, and porcelain are much easier to keep clean than ever before. The pits, chips, scratches, and build-up that harbored dangerous pathogens will be gone. Future maintenance cleaning will become a breeze.

A new finish or shine can be dulled by overly abrasive cleaners and bleaches. Puddles of standing water can also leave mineral deposits, so it is important to fix leaks when they are noticed, and to ensure that bathtubs and sinks drain properly. Easily maintain the shine and luster by regularly cleaning the surfaces with mild, natural cleaners and soft cloths.