Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

In this current economy, 85% of property owners surveyed have communicated that they must take a “doing more with less” approach to their business and guest services support structure. As many as 9 in every 10 property and building managers have had to make cuts to staff and have worked to reduce their overall labor costs.

Restrooms are consistently stated as being the most important to keep clean, as well as the most difficult to clean. Cleaning staff and crews can account for over 20% of a resort’s overall labor budget. If cleaning personnel must spend a lot of time attempting to clean hard water stains and soap scum, costs increase due to labor and cleaning products.

ecoTub Solutions offers cost effective solutions for cleaning and restoring bathroom surfaces and fixtures to look like new again. This means that a clean and refurbished restroom will be much easier for cleaning personnel to maintain; as well as saving valuable time and money.

Replacing an entire bathtub, shower stall, liners, grout, and fixtures can cost up to 5 times as much as refinishing the existing fixtures. We also clean, restore and repair: tile, grout, stone, marble, fiberglass, and glass shower doors. We will also professionally clean Jacuzzis, pool decks, and other surfaces.

Homeowners and Condo renters also reap huge benefits by calling ecoTub Solutions. We want to help everyone save time, save money, and save our Planet – one bathroom at a time.

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