eco-friendly Bathtub Refinishing Solution

eco-friendly Bathtub Refinishing Solution

Many companies that claim to refinish bathtubs just use toxic paints and lacquers.

Most coated tubs typically peel within 2-3 years and then have to be stripped and coated all over again.

At ecoTub Solutions, nothing is applied to any surface that can cause harmful odors and we guarantee that there will be no cracking or peeling.

eco-friendly Bathtub Refinishing

Can you believe it? Environmentally Friendly Bathtub Refinishing without fumes, drips, toxic fumes, or downtime!

The age of spraying your Bathtubs is over! With new technology, we can restore your bathtub to look and feel like new – without harsh chemicals, lacquers or enamels. No longer will you have to shut down your rooms for any downtime. No more peeling and cracked bathtubs. No more ugly anti-slip patterns at the bottom of your bathtub.

You can count on ecoTub Solutions to refurbish your tub, shower, and sink without harmful chemicals, lacquers, enamels, odors, or waste. Replacing an entire bathtub or shower stall liner can cost up to 5 times as much as refinishing. Our regular service only takes only a maximum of 4 hours and the bathroom can be used immediately when finished.

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