Low VOC Bathtub Coating Solution

Low VOC Bathtub Coating Solution

Sometimes bathtubs are severely damaged, cracked, or worn and cannot be resurfaced by our normal eco-friendly processes. A professional re-glazing is recommended in these cases.

Low VOC Bathtub Coating

The coating employed by our skilled staff is the same two-component acrylic urethane technology that has played a dominant role in the bathtub, tile, & countertop refinishing industry. With over 40,000,000 successful applications worldwide, this proven formula is now available in an eco-friendly version that not only meets U.S. EPA standards for volatile organic compound emissions, but cures in 4 hours. Our acrylic urethane coatings are perfect for bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing.

The coating process begins with a thorough cleansing of the surface. A base primer coat is applied followed by a durable topcoat, and an added optional clear finish. ecoTub Solutions offers a 3 or 5 year warranty* dependent upon the coating chosen by the customer. Our environmentally-safe paints and products are VOC compliant; however they do have strong odors.

The secret to this coating system’s durability lies in the unique resin-rich layer that forms on top of the coating as it is applied and reaches cure. A super high gloss finish is a barrier layer that makes the surface highly resistant to impacts, chemicals, and moisture. This tested topcoat is also 100% UV resistant and colorfast.

For optimum results, your refinished surfaces will require a 24 to 72 hour period of down time. During this period, the tub or other surfaces cannot be exposed to any moisture or impact.

ecoTub Solutions cannot fully assess the damage of a peeling or cracking bathtub surface until all of the previous coatings and grime have been removed. Regardless of the process chosen by our client, the old coating must be fully removed in order to continue the refinishing process.

In some cases, a re-glazed tub and tiles will sometimes dry with a bit of a rough surface texture. This minor cosmetic problem can be fixed after the surfaces have fully cured. Proper cure time can occur within a week of the completion of work.

There is a possibility for some of the caulk to shrink a bit more in some areas, and our crew members will be glad to adjust the caulking for you once the surfaces have reached their cure time. During any refinishing process, if any grout needs to be replaced or renewed, we will do our best to match the existing grout; however, older grout tends to be several shades away from new applications due to exposure over time.

Whichever process you choose, ecoTub Solutions only aim is to provide customers with complete satisfaction and to help you each step of the way to a beautiful new bathroom.

*Fiberglass tubs and shower pans cannot be covered under the same warranty because their surfaces are very flexible and prone to bend under pressure.

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