Solutions for Hotel Owners and Property Managers

Solutions for Hotel Owners and Property Managers

Make your guests love your bathrooms. We have the solutions for Hotel Owners, Motel Owners, and Property Managers to make your bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and shower stalls look their best again!

ecoTub Solutions is the first and only “paint less” tub restoration company in Hawaii. Other companies will offer environmentally safe paints. These products still smell and have long drying times. Coated tubs usually peel within 2 to 3 years, leading to the need to be stripped and completely redone. We do not apply anything to the surface that can peel, smell, crack, or run. No one can stand behind their warranty like we can.

Is your bathroom clean, but it looks dirty because of unsightly hard water or mineral stains? Does your bathtub, toilet, or sink show signs of wear and tear? Are your fixtures stained from soap scum buildup or mold? Is your grout dirty or in need of repair? Are your tiles stained or cracked? We can help!

Studies have proved that an unsanitary or dirty bathroom or restroom will deter over 30% of customers. Four out of every five patrons are concerned about germs and cleanliness of restrooms. Overall, concerns about dirty bathrooms account for over 50% of all customer complaints in the hotel, motel, rental, and resort industries. A clean bathroom and fixtures has a broad effect on the bottom line of businesses and property owners.

ecoTub Solutions can restore your bathtubs, showers, and sinks to look and feel like new – with no harsh chemicals and no reglazing. We do not apply paints or lacquers. We can even remove the ugly, dirty anti-slip patterns at the bottom of your bathtub. Our process can be completed and your bathroom ready to use right before your guests arrive. In fact, our whole process typically takes less than 4 hours. No waiting for anything to dry and no toxic fumes!

We can remove those stubborn stains that household cleaners cannot. We can also fix your broken tiles and restore your grout lines to look new again. Our environmentally safe process can also remove hard water stains and mineral deposits from bathtubs, glass shower doors, and fixtures. Call the pros at ecoTub Solutions.

If your tub cannot be restored naturally, we do offer a low-VOC option for bathtub coating.

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